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Welcome Friend,
I am Jude Fernando.
I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. I am a mechanical engineer in a coal mining company in India. I have spent a good amount of my life working with computers and the words of Jesus,
"Freely you received,
so freely give"

has left its marks on me. I try my best to give whatever good that is in me. The Lord has blessed me with a loving wife and good children. You will find more and more interesting things here for you to take home free.
Site Diary
April 30, 2001 : Started building this site.
I shall keep updating this diary space that you may know at a glance what you can find here.
May 1, 2001 : Talk to your Maker : A prayer that I wrote in verse during Lent 2001.
Name the colors : A interactive page I made in javascript for my son. Children will find it a joy to select good background colors for their pages.
May 2,2001 : Great Jigsaw Puzzles
June 23,2001 : My meditations on the Salvation Plan of God for Man
Nov 14, 2003 : India Celebrates Children's Day MY GIFT TO ALL CHILDREN OF OUR WORLD

This site is under Construction

Hope you'll find this place interesting.
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I am sure you will enjoy the sites I have in my Friend's Circle

As masters has He made

Arise on wings o'er wind and wave,
As master man you should behave
The Lord your God, He wants to see
His power and beauty filled in thee.

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